'A podcast concerning the co-ferment of people and place; about wine (and other drinks); drinks, which are inextricably influenced by and emergent from the unique environmental and cultural circumstances of a particular place.'

Daniel J. Honan - Fermenting Place



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The Fermenting Place [podcast] is a show about wine (and other drinks)...

Guests are often growers, makers, creators, doers, outliers, rogues, rascals, savants, philosophers, thinkers, and otherwise humble masters of their craft.

Your host, Daniel J. Honan is a writer, who often visits (wine) places and talks to (wine) people, then writes about their (wine) stories for a living. He is a writer fascinated by the co-ferment of people and place.


He lives with his family in Newcastle, near the Hunter Valley wine region, Australia. 


Daniel believes in contributing to community from the ground up, through the creation of quality content for people, like you. He does this through his distinctive writing style - capturing, fermenting and expressing a real sense of people and place, whatever the subject - and initiating engaging conversations with crafters, creators, makers, shapers, doers, and other positive contributors to community.



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'... so, I sought to stimulate myself with wine, in the hope of finding out what was good for us to do under heaven throughout the brief span of our lives...'

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